What are the benefits?

The PAY1040.com FuturePay program will help you schedule a one-time future dated, Federal Form 1040 Current Year payment by charging your card based on the day you choose during the sign-up process. As a bonus, you may be eligible for cash back rebates, frequent flyer miles or other card rewards.*

Who can use the service?

Anyone who wants to schedule a one-time future dated Form 1040 Current Year Federal tax payment.

How does it work?

You can click the "Tax Liabilities" tab to create a new Tax Liability. From the Tax Liability tab, you will be guided through the process of setting up a schedule for the day you would like us to process your one-time future dated payment. Lastly, you will enter your Payment Method that will be used to process your payment. On the day you specify, your card will be charged and an email will be sent to you as confirmation that your Federal tax payment was completed. An email reminder will be sent to you five calendar days prior to your payment date. If necessary, you can cancel this service up to 8pm Eastern Time the day before your scheduled payment date. If you would like to take advantage of the one-time future dated payment next year, beginning again in January, you may do so by signing up again next year.

It's that easy.

*Rewards are provided by your card issuer and vary based on enrollment and eligibility.


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