If you have previously registered for an account on Pay1040.com, please sign in to manage your account profile, schedule recurring AutoPay payments, schedule QuickPay email reminders, schedule a one-time FuturePay payment, or view payment history. If you are new to the Pay1040.com site or have not previously registered, you can create an account by clicking the registration link below. AutoPay is an automatic monthly recurring payment that processes the payment for you. QuickPay is a recurring email reminder to inform you to go to www.pay1040.com to process a payment. FuturePay is a one-time future dated payment that processes the payment for you.

By creating an account, you can receive email reminders for upcoming tax payments or schedule automatic recurring payments for qualifying tax types. Enter a few key pieces of information and set a schedule for the email reminders or the recurring payments.

Note: The email reminder option only sends you reminder emails for upcoming payments. It will not make the payment for you. Within the Email Reminder, you will have the option to visit the My Account link on the PAY1040.com website and make future payments through an expedited process saving you time. Once setup, you can cancel the service anytime by clicking the My Account link at the top of our web site.

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